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We’re here for you in times of crisis.

Calgary, your actions make it possible to feed and care for 4,200 kids each school day, who would otherwise go without a healthy lunch.

Need in our city for healthy lunches and supplemental lunch items at school continues to grow, and your contributions of time, talent, and funds help ensure there are no hungry kids in our city.

The BB4CK community is impacting 1,000 more children each school day than we were in January 2017. Over the last two years, the number of children requiring lunches and supplemental items has increased by 45%.

These children have the food they need because of YOU – our incredible community. You take action to help ensure no child in our city goes hungry at lunchtime and we are grateful and inspired by your continued support.

Volunteers create lunches in our downtown kitchen and in community kitchens across the city; 57% of the 215 schools we care for are supported by volunteers making lunches in their own community, and last year, you contributed nearly $1.3 million to make all this possible.

Thank you for taking action to make a difference in the lives of Calgary kids. To learn more about how you can donate or volunteer, please click here.

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