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When Anaya was six she learned that there were kids who went to her school who didn’t have a lunch, and she felt sad. She thought about times she’d been hungry, and how someone – her parents or a teacher, perhaps – always had something to fill her stomach. It was hard for her to imagine what it would be like to be hungry all the time.

Anaya told her younger sister Eden about what she’d learned about hunger. Together with their parents, Anaya and Eden decided to do something to help. The girls gathered some money from their allowance, coming up with $18.85, and decided to give it to BB4CK. With this, they provided lunch for appx.18 kids who would’ve otherwise been hungry.

The girls didn’t stop there. At Anaya’s next birthday party, she asked guests to bring a donation to BB4CK instead of a gift. The following Valentine’s Day, the girls baked cookies & cupcakes, selling them to friends and family to raise money. It’s been three years since they got started feeding hungry kids, and Anaya and Eden show no signs of slowing down.

Together, Anaya and Eden have provided lunch for hundreds of kids who would otherwise be hungry.

This year, we invite you to match Anaya and Eden’s generosity. Please consider making a gift of $18.85 here to help ensure there are no hungry kids in our city!

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