Actively recruiting 3 new board members

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK) is a mission-focused grassroots organization, working to build and strengthen communities that ensure every child has enough to eat at school; in the classroom or at home learners. Our team is small, working together in our areas of strength to ensure we can have a broad impact in our community.

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids has increased the number of hungry kids fed daily through its programs by almost 70% since 2015. To accomplish this increased impact, BB4CK has broadened its program delivery through community partnerships and a focus on encouraging and supporting people in Calgary to act in meaningful ways to feed kids. Today, BB4CK continues to grow and transition in order to achieve our goal of no hungry kids. This is an exciting and challenging time in our organizational life, as we continue to meet the growing need in our community, while also focusing our efforts on strengthening our systems and processes to support our growing organization.

Our vision:  Communities that make sure all kids are fed.

Our mission: Connect and inspire people to take meaningful action to feed and care for kids.


Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids is currently looking for 3 new Board Members for its Board of Directors. Each position is for a one-year term, beginning in June 2021. In building a diverse Board, we are currently looking for the following skills and diversity areas:

Skills & Attributes

  • HR Leadership
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Risk Management
  • Non-Profit Experience and Community Leadership

Diversity Areas

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Gender Diversity


The Board Member shall:

  • Examine BB4CK’s landscape to ensure that the current (and future) landscape is healthy and productive.
  • Attend and participate in Board and assigned committee meetings through regular attendance.
  • Help communicate and promote BB4CK’s mission and programs to the community; Play a central role in enhancing the reputation of BB4CK, advocating for its mission and networking with the public and media.
  • Make every attempt to participate in a volunteering activity at least twice yearly
  • Prepare for meetings by reading agendas, minutes, reports and other documentation;
  • Attend special events;
  • Review and understand the bylaws, policies, and Board structure, and recommend changes as required;
  • Ensure BB4CK is complying with all legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Understand and monitor the organization’s financial affairs, including the approval of BB4CK’s budget;
  • Participate in BB4CK’s planning and review processes;
  • Approve the hiring and release of the Executive Director, and contribute to the annual performance of the Executive Director;
  • Believe and behave in a manner that relates to BB4CK’s values;
  • Support the recruitment and onboarding of new Board Members; and
  • Assist in developing and maintaining positive relations among the Board, committees, staff members, and community to enhance BB4CK’s mission.

Meetings and Time Commitment

  • Directors are to participate in quarterly Board and Committee meetings, with the occasional ad- hoc meeting between scheduled sessions. Meetings typically last two hours and occur late afternoons or evenings.
  • Board Members are expected to participate in at least one standing or ad hoc committee of the Board.
  • Board members are encouraged to attend the occasional special event throughout the year.

Duty and Standard of Care
Every Board Member in exercising his or her powers and discharging his or her duties shall:

  • Act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the Society; and
  • Exercise the care, diligence and skill that a reasonable and prudent person would exercise in comparable circumstances.
  • Adhere to the Society’s Code of Conduct, making all decisions in the best interests of the organization and avoid personal conflicts of interest.

Service on the Society’s Board is without remuneration, except for administrative support, travel and accommodation costs in relation to the Board Member’s duties.

For those interested in joining, please submit all applications (cover letter & resume) to rachel@bb4ck.org by end of day on April 25th, 2021




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