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Taking Action to impact Kids

Communities across our city take action every day to feed and care for hungry kids.

Volunteers share their time making and delivering lunches in the BB4CK Kitchen and in their own neighbourhoods, planning and supporting special events and projects, raising awareness about hunger in our city, and supporting kids through financial and in-kind donations.

Every action helps to feed and care for children who would otherwise go without a healthy lunch at school and we are grateful for all the ways Calgarians choose to make a difference in the lives of kids in our city. How will you take action?

Ways To Take Action As A Community

Feeding Kids in Your Community

BB4CK works with community groups that operate outside of our downtown kitchen, making lunches in their own communities and delivering them to neighbourhood schools. We work with seniors, students, community associations, restaurants, volunteer groups and many other organizations to help to coordinate their efforts to impact kids in their neighbourhood. We also connect interested individuals to existing community groups, or to others who want to form a group.

Typically, community groups meet twice a week to prepare lunches. BB4CK staff guide the group through health and safety standards, as well as the tips and tricks we use in the downtown kitchen to increase efficiency. We offer support and encouragement to our amazing BB4CK community groups throughout the year with their efforts, including fundraising and facilitating school and neighbourhood connections.


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“I’ve worked in schools over the years where kids were hungry and I saw what it does to their learning and how it affects them. No matter who you are, you shouldn’t be hungry, especially kids when they’re trying to learn and trying to do their best.”


Volunteer, Killarney-Glengarry Community Group

Stories of Action and Impact from the BB4CK Community
The Power of Community – Jerome’s Appliance Gallery

 “I don’t even know these guys but I love them.”   Located one block east of Macleod Trail in SE Calgary is Jerome’s Appliance Gallery, a luxury appliance retailer. Their Bistro features two fully functional kitchens, and a group of people passionate...

Action and Impact for Hungry Kids in Symons Valley

 “I always wanted to do something in my community and nothing really threw itself at me like this opportunity did,” says Kim, as she seals baggies with sandwiches in them. It’s Wednesday morning and Kim and a mighty team of volunteers are making lunches in the...

Feeding Hungry Kids in Killarney-Glengarry

 Amid the hustle and bustle of Wednesday morning’s Tot Time at the Killarney-Glengarry Community Association (KGCA), volunteers Alie, Lisa, Margaret, and Alysha are gathered in the community hall’s kitchen making lunches for children in their neighbourhood. The...

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