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We’re here for you in times of crisis.

Meet Louise and Jessica, two of our fantastic volunteers who help make and deliver lunches to kids across our city.

Last September, Louise began volunteering as a driver, delivering lunches to schools, up to 3 times per week. Occasionally you can find Louise volunteering her time in the kitchen as well!

“Several years ago a BB4CK spokesperson came to my former place of work and told us about the organization, and our social committee decided to volunteer as a team-building session.  More recently, after facing a job layoff, I knew I wanted to start volunteering but was unsure for which organization. That very same day, BB4CK was featured on a 6pm news program and the bulb lit up – this was the organization for me!

I believe children (and seniors for that matter) are the most vulnerable of our citizens and the thought of a child going hungry distresses me for all the known reasons.  I certainly cannot save every child, but this is a little bit I can do to help. It makes me feel good to be able to give my time to such a good cause. It is a good use of my spare time and makes me feel like I am contributing to society and to a good cause.  In addition, I love the people involved in this organization, they are outgoing positive people with big hearts and are always so appreciative of each other, their volunteers, and of course, they are passionate about the children they are helping.”

Favorite lunch as a child? The first one that comes to mind was my mom’s homemade beef barley soup – it was more like a stew – it was full of vegetables (although I probably did not realize it at the time) and yummy beef and chewy barley, just a great combo.

Jessica began volunteering in August of 2016 once a week. Then two days a week, and now volunteers at our downtown kitchen three mornings each week.

“My role varies with the day and the people I am volunteering with. I arrive around 6:30am and help clean and set up the kitchen for the daily lunch making. After this, I slice the meat and cheese, set out the sandwich buns, or make the tuna and/or egg salads.

In August of 2016, there was a news story that came out of Ohio where a young boy was trying to sell his teddy bear so that he could buy food. The story broke my heart. Up until that point, my schedule did not allow much flexibility to commit to a volunteer position and I simply donated money instead of time. However, something about this story hit closer to home. While I appreciate that organizations still need funding, they also need people to volunteer their time to help grow these types of programs and reach as many people in need as possible. My volunteer orientation was scheduled within 48 hours and I arrived in the kitchen the following week; I have never been happier to donate my time to such a wonderful organization and cause.

The people are my absolute favourite part about volunteering in the BB4CK kitchen! I have met some wonderful people who are fun to get the day started with, stories and laughter – almost better than coffee! I have been blessed to meet such generous, caring, and inspiring people!”

Favorite lunch as a child? A simple black forest ham with mustard is all my heart wanted. Of course, as a kid, I couldn’t resist the Gushers that usually accompanied the healthier options!

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