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We’re here for you in times of crisis.

Our Early Bird volunteers join us in the kitchen Monday to Thursday mornings between 7 and 9 am to assist in preparing for the lunch-making that will occur that day. Volunteers might be making tuna or egg salad sandwich fillings, slicing meat and cheese, cleaning and prepping the tables, pre-packing the lunch bins or getting a head start on sandwiches! Two of our incredible Early Bird volunteers are Tania and Keanan and we are happy to feature what they shared about their volunteer experience with BB4CK:

“Keanan and I help make lunches on Wednesday mornings! We try to come in every Wednesday from 7-9am to help, our duties are usually setting up the tables with bread and all the items to make sandwiches, and then actually making the meat and cheese sandwiches! It’s a ton of fun and it’s been the same group of core volunteers for a while so it’s a comforting environment to be in. The music in the background adds to the fun as well!

We have volunteered with BB4CK for just over a year now, we both moved here from Toronto for jobs and thought it would be nice to give back when we can. When we moved here we researched volunteer organizations in Calgary, and this one really stood out. It shows sometimes how sheltered you can be – we really didn’t even know there were children going to school without lunches. It hurts your heart when you learn about something like this and it’s only natural to want to help. This is such an important cause and it helps to know we can make a difference in a small way. There is no one more deserving of our time than children in need.

The core volunteers on Wednesday mornings are so much fun and there’s music playing and lots of people working to help out. Everyone is so committed and it shows you how important it is to all of us. We were surprised to learn that we actually really like making sandwiches!!! It’s so different than our day jobs and most of the regular volunteers have been around a while so it’s like a big happy family. We joke and laugh a lot and it’s our favourite part about Wednesdays!”

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