North Hill Mazda has been supporting BB4CK by delivering lunches to Calgary kids since September of 2016. Leading the cause at North Hill is Lindsey Allen, who after learning about BB4CK through social media in 2015 was determined to get herself and her team involved. “I was really curious about BB4CK and volunteered in the kitchen in the spring of 2016. I knew right there and then that I wanted to get work involved. It took a while to figure out what we were going to do, then we heard you needed drivers and we were like “Ah ha! That’s how we can do it!” This is super easy for us. We’ve got cars.”

Each Thursday morning the members of the North Hill team drive into the BB4CK parking garage and load up a Mazda from their dealership with bins of sandwiches, fruits, veggies, and snacks for hungry Calgary kids. “It’s so easy to help. I come in early to work to do this; I quickly go grab a car and head over to BB4CK. I pull up at BB4CK, get the lunches, then drive through downtown and hit the first school (usually the same school). I go in, say hello to the office staff, switch the bins, put the empty bin in the car and continue on to the next school. We typically visit five more schools, it is usually pretty quick and everyone is grateful. We drive back to the kitchen, unload the empty bins, visit with the kitchen staff and it’s a really good time. I think it’s only like 30 km every week for us, which is not much,” says Lindsey. The kilometers have begun to help tell the story of North Hill Mazda’s volunteer experience. With each week’s route, North Hill shares great photos and videos on social media with the hashtag #KmsForBB4CK.

“The fact that some kids go without food pulls on our heartstrings – knowing the outcome of us delivering lunches, going into the schools, being physically in their world, seeing the kids, and thinking maybe that kid right there is going to get the lunch you dropped off, that’s huge,” says Lindsey.

“We support Ronald McDonald House and Kids Up Front as well and when I bring our GM causes like this, he’s like “How can we help? What do you need?” At North Hill Mazda, we try not to be your standard auto dealer. We try to be very much in the community, we’re associated with so many children’s charities because it resonates with us and it’s where we want to put our energy. We are completely committed to being in the community and helping to build the community,“ Lindsay shares. “With BB4CK, it’s hungry kids. The impact stories we hear, the change in kids, are exactly why we do this.”

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