Food insecurity

  • Food insecurity is the inadequate or uncertain access to food because of financial constraints 
  • The experience of food insecurity is a serious public health problem in Canada, and all indications are that the problem is getting worse.
  • The experience of food insecurity can range from concerns about running out of food before there is more money to buy more, to the inability to afford a balanced diet, to going hungry, missing meals, and in extreme cases, not eating for whole days because of a lack of food and money for food.
  • Access to healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food is a physical necessity, a human right and critical for people to fully participate in society. Every Calgarian needs an appropriate income that allows them to choose their food and achieve food security. – Enough for All 2.0
  • For more information visit: https://proof.utoronto.ca/food-insecurity/
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