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One of our long-time supporters, Tyler Blaney, sat down with us to share a little bit about his involvement with BB4CK and his decision to become a Hunger Hero. Tyler first became involved with BB4CK in 2009 when he saw BB4CK’s then Executive Director, Bob McInnis, speak at an event. Brown Bagging struck a chord with Tyler, and through financial support and this year, through skills based volunteering, he has helped feed Calgary kids ever since.

“Lunch is fuel. It’s nourishment, it helps children focus, learn, and cope when they otherwise couldn’t. It is fuel for life, fuel for health and well-being, mentally, physically, spiritually, everything.

I feel that children who are well fed are more focused, energized, they learn better, and are going to be better all around with a full tummy. We’re helping build our youth; we’re helping build the future generation and we need to do what we can to create more great people. Our family didn’t have a lot of money growing up. My parents were hard working, “blue-collar” people, and always did their best. It was important to my mom that I had a balanced nutritional lunch. I have children, and being able to feed kids makes me feel really good.

I give to causes that are local and impact local children and families. There are a lot of organizations out there that you don’t get to directly see the fruits of the labour. You see the work being done at BB4CK and that is really important to me. I know that my time, effort, energy, and money actually makes an impact. As a Hunger Hero, I give a monthly donation to help feed kids. The monthly donation I make, it is a constant, it is not millions of dollars but it is consistent. I see my donation come out of my account monthly and it makes me feel good. It is like a monthly affirmation.

If you’re on the fence about giving, do it! It will change you spiritually. Volunteering or donating, or doing something to help that is greater than ourselves is soul food. BB4CK is an amazing organization that helps over 4000 kids everyday who would otherwise go hungry. Even the smallest donations make the biggest impacts because it all compounds. BB4CK is the one organization I have stuck with since I started my career because it means the most to me.”

For every person who attends one of his open houses and signs up for his monthly newsletter, Tyler donates an additional $5 for help feed Calgary kids. Learn more at tylerblaney.ca.

Hunger Heroes, people who give monthly to Brown Bagging, are important to this community because they ensure consistent funding and allow us to sustainably plan for the future. Hunger Heroes are connected in a way that their regular investment in feeding kids is a consistent reminder, a regular affirmation of how valuable and how committed they are to this community.

Become a Hunger Hero today.

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