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We’re here for you in times of crisis.

Our donors make incredible things happen. The lunches they fund each day for students across our city give children the energy and nutrition they need to have a great day at school.  

The carrots and celery purchased in part by Daniel helped Caitlin focus on equations in math class, not her growling stomach.

The sandwiches made possible by Chris gave Hannah the energy to play badminton with her friends in gym. 

The oranges funded by Melissa helped Jordan make a new discovery about coniferous trees during science class.

The muffins provided in part by Naomi helped Sebastian ace his recorder rendition of “Hot Cross Buns” during music.

Through their gifts, Daniel, Melissa, Chris, and Naomi made a huge impact in the lives of kids in our city. They are some of our “Hunger Heroes” – making monthly donations to support children like Caitlin, Jordan, Hannah, and Sebastian in being at their best.

We are calling on Hunger Heroes across the city to help feed and care for the children in their communities.

Accept the mission to strike out hunger and become a real life Hunger Hero by visiting bb4ck.org/hunger-heroes to make a monthly gift. You have the power!

What does a Hunger Hero looks like to you? Create your own Hunger Hero by printing out this colouring sheet. Once designed, share your Hero with us by using #HungerHeroes on social media.

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