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We begin our new year of volunteer spotlights highlighting two of our incredible core kitchen volunteers, Mark and Doris. In the fall of 2015, both Doris and Mark began volunteering in our downtown kitchen. They are always ready to jump in and take action, helping with whatever is needed and are wonderful at guiding and inspiring our daily volunteer groups!

“My role at BB4CK is varied like most of the volunteers.  Depending on the day, it involves everything from food preparation, making sandwiches, washing dishes or whatever is needed.

I had previously volunteered with Community Kitchen and was looking for another similar opportunity.  I found out about BB4CK from my wife who had volunteered here with another charity group.

My favourite part about volunteering with bb4ck is working with a bunch of great people who feel just like I do that our efforts are making a difference. I enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that my small contribution is helping provide a helping hand up to those who need it.” – Mark


“My volunteer role at BB4CK is kitchen helper: making sandwiches, setting up the work stations, prepping fruit and vegetables, bagging snack servings, baking, laundry, dishes … whatever needs to be done! I volunteer Wednesday mornings, and occasionally other days as needed.

I found the BB4CK position when looking at available volunteer opportunities on the Propellus website.

I volunteer with BB4CK as a way to help provide a much-needed necessity to hungry kids in the short run, with the added satisfaction of knowing that there are positive effects that extend far beyond the lunch. It is a pleasure to be part of a very well run organization, making a meaningful contribution to the lives of children.

My favorite part is knowing that what I do has a positive impact, making new friends, and being part of a very fun team.  The camaraderie, laughter and positive energy in the kitchen makes me look forward to Wednesday mornings!” – Doris

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