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Clockwise from left: Anaya, Ringette Calgary U16AA Team Blue, Ashlyn, and Mitchell

When 8-year-old Anaya discovered there are children in Calgary who do not get lunch every day she was inspired to take action! Instead of gifts for her birthday Anaya asked for donations to Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids – donations that fill a tummy with a healthy lunch, allowing a child to focus on learning and fun instead of hunger. Anaya continued to find ways to feed kids by sharing her experience of volunteering and fundraising for BB4CK with others and selling Christmas cookies. Anaya is joined by an impressive number of Calgary kids taking action to raise awareness about childhood hunger and provide lunches to students.

Creative New Ways To Inspire Social Change  

In 2015, BB4CK received donations from over 20 birthdays, helping to provide hundreds of lunches for kids! Our city is buzzing with the activity of young people who are spreading the word about hunger in Calgary and finding creative new ways to inspire social change. Gifting lunches with birthday dollars, organizing snack drives, snack making parties, presentations, sales of garden veggies and volunteering in the BB4CK kitchen – the youth of Calgary are generously sharing their time, talents and funds to help ensure none of their peers go hungry.

We are so inspired by the generosity, enthusiasm and support of these passionate change-makers, using their heads, hearts and hands to help kids in their communities!

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