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Meet our two newest  kitchen team members, Christa and Sam, our wonderful Kitchen Coordinators!


“I started as a volunteer in March 2018 and fell in love with Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids. I was looking for a volunteer opportunity and came across a friend on social media that brought his company into the BB4CK kitchen. I thought to myself WOW, that looks like a great spot to volunteer, and sent an email to BB4CK that same day!

To know that I make a difference in these children’s and young adults lives provides me with an overwhelming sense of well-being. These children who otherwise would not get lunches are provided a nutritious lunch allowing them to feel full, a sense of belonging, and one less thing to worry about in their day to day life. The kitchen is a fun, positive environment, and we all collaborate to ensure we are providing the best lunches possible to Calgary kids. My favorite part about the kitchen is all the wonderful volunteers; they take the time out from their days and donate it to make lunches. The kitchen is a fantastic way to give back to the community as well as make friends.”

Christa’s favorite lunch as a child – Back when avocados were not popular I loved an avocado and tomato sandwich with mayo, salt and pepper. I also enjoyed sliced apple with cheese. These still remain my FAVES!


“Prior to the amazing opportunity of working for Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, I volunteered at BB4CK for a year and a half. I first found out about BB4CK when I met BB4CK’s Executive Director, Tanya, during a group interview for Dote Magazine’s “Girls Who Give” SS17 Editorial.

After learning more about the vision and mission of BB4CK, I knew in my heart that I wanted to help and be a part of BB4CK in some way. It was absolutely heart breaking for me to know that there were so many children in our city that went hungry each day, but it had brought me such joy knowing that in doing my little part in volunteering on the days that I could at BB4CK, I too was making such an impact and difference in fulfilling the need to feed hungry kids in Calgary. My favourite part about BB4CK is the feeling of family and purpose. I am always inspired and motivated by my co-workers and volunteers every day.

Sam’s favorite lunch as a child – My mum’s Chicken Salad sandwiches

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