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Meet Jennifer and Brody, two of our amazing volunteers! Each week Jennifer and her son Brody enthusiastically deliver lunches from our downtown kitchen to hungry kids. They started volunteering in the fall of 2016 and now deliver lunches one to two times a week. Brody loves carrying the small lunch bins into the schools! You can catch this fabulous duo delivering lunches in this video.

Jennifer also creates beautiful Bracelets for BB4CK where every bracelet purchased helps provide healthy lunches to kids in our city who would otherwise go without.

“I became a part of the Brown Bagging team in 2016. I heard other friends and family share their positive Brown Bagging volunteer experiences. The more I learned about the program and found out how many kids it impacts daily, I just knew I had to be a part of this team! There’s no doubt that the meaning of this program is amazing – supplying lunches to kids who would otherwise go hungry – but knowing that there are strangers coming together to help make and deliver those lunches…just absolutely warms my heart.

There are lots of families going through unfortunate circumstances and this could happen to anyone at any point of their life. Knowing that the city comes together and has other families backs when they need it, it is truly an amazing experience to be a part of. With all the crazy that is going on in the world, it is sure nice to know there are people with hearts of gold who want to share and inspire others to do the same – I get this feeling of love, positivity and a sense of community from everyone I have met in the BB4CK kitchen. All these beautiful kids are our future and they need healthy snacks and lunches to learn and grow – no matter their circumstance. I don’t know if it’s the kids who inspire me to volunteer or all of the wonderful smiling faces I’ve met through this journey, but I adore every single one of them for inspiring and encouraging me to be the best version of myself.” – Jennifer

Brody’s perspective? “I like to feed the kids because I like to be helpful.”

To learn more about how you can deliver lunches to hungry kids please visit our driver volunteer posting.

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