May 8, 2017

Meet BB4CK’s New Operations Coordinator – Twyla

“I am very fortunate to call myself a member of the amazing BB4CK team and to be surrounded by the superheroes who call themselves volunteers; they inspire me every single day! To be a part of the solution to ensuring children receive healthy lunches they might otherwise go without – to enable them to be happy and succeed, is a most wonderful feeling. So many pieces come together each day in the BB4CK organization to see that children receive much needed nourishment and I am so humbled to be one of these pieces.” – Twyla

April 25, 2017

Calgary Canucks Junior Hockey Helps Feed Calgary Kids

Throughout February, the Calgary Canucks Junior Hockey community collected snacks and supplies to help ensure there are no hungry kids in Calgary! We are so grateful for their support.

Lindsay from the Calgary Canucks community shares: “The Calgary Canucks are always looking for ways to support local kids and strengthen our community. Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids has given us a great opportunity to partner with them for our annual February Snack Drive. At all of our home games in February we put out a basket to collect snacks and supplies and a jar to collect financial donations. We promote our snack drive using our website, social media, and game day announcements so that everyone knows the types of snacks that are needed. The Calgary Canucks community loves to help out and we love having BB4CK as part of our hockey family!”

April 15, 2017

BB4CK Recipe: Chocolate Puffed Wheat Squares

We love to make chocolate puffed wheat squares at the BB4CK kitchen! To make these treats you will need:

½ cup butterChocolate Puffed Wheat

1 cup white sugar

¼ cup brown sugar

6 tbsp. cocoa powder

1 cup corn syrup

1 tsp. vanilla

10 cups puffed wheat

Combine butter, corn syrup, brown and white sugar and cocoa powder in a saucepan. Heat the saucepan on a stove top, bringing the sugar mixture to a boil.

Chocolate Puffed Wheat Easter NestRemove from heat and add the vanilla, stir, then pour the chocolate mixture over the puffed wheat.

Mix well and press into a greased pan (9×13 works best for this recipe).

For a springtime twist, form a basket from the completed chocolate puffed wheat mixture using something round, like a 1 or 1/2 cup mixing cup, and fill with chocolate eggs or colourful marshmallows!


March 31, 2017

Clear Water Academy Students Prepare Snacks for Calgary Kids

Wonderful grade 7 to 12 Clear Water Academy students prepared snacks for kids in their community! The school hosted a snack drive to collect the supplies and then made trail mix bags, snack bags, and decorated beautiful brown bags.

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