February 25, 2016

Community Profile: Reaction Fitness – #Calories4Kids

There are so many amazing ways that Calgarians help feed kids! Throughout the month of February, Reaction Fitness and some of its partners and members have been raising awareness and funds for BB4CK through their #Calories4Kids initiative!

January 18, 2016

Students Taking Action at West Island College

Aleena and Sam

Aleena and Sam

Since 2008 West Island College has been involved with Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, running a volunteer lunch making program through their Peer Support group. Each Monday, the staff lunch room is filled with Peer Support group volunteers from grades 7 to 12 who share part of their lunch break making sandwiches for kids who would otherwise go without. The lunches are delivered to Radisson Park School by Grade 10 CALM students, where some of the Grade 10 students also volunteer as Big Brothers and Big Sisters. The Peer Support group students help to raise funds to purchase groceries for the lunches by making and selling handmade cards.

Leading the volunteers are grade 12 students Aleena and Sam, the group’s facilitators who have been making lunches since they were in grade 7. The BB4CK program at West Island College was run by student Christie Chalifoux when Aleena and Sam began volunteering to make lunches. When Chalifoux graduated Aleena and Sam jumped at the chance to lead the group together, “we enjoyed volunteering so much we really wanted to take over the program” said Sam.

Throughout grade 10 Sam and Aleena learned all about managing the group and by grade 11 they were organizing and leading the volunteers. In addition to organizing the program Aleena and Sam do all the grocery shopping for the lunches. As they prepare for graduation and studying Health Sciences at University, Aleena and Sam have recruited and begun training two students to run the program next year. The duo credit their volunteer experience as a great learning opportunity, “we have learned so much about leadership, teamwork and communication” says Aleena, “creating a lunch program like this is easy to facilitate and organize, and there are so many things to learn from it.”

Aleena and Sam understand and emphasize the impact hunger has on learning; “education is so important, the role that lunches provide, having meals, it’s so significant” Aleena says. “You know that these lunches are going to a child, knowing you are feeding kids, making a difference” Sam added, “we both like that this is a very measurable, tangible contribution. We see directly where the lunches are going. Feeding kids is important.”

Would you like to create a similar BB4CK program at your school? See more info here.

January 18, 2016

January Kitchen Volunteer Spotlight

Monday to Thursday mornings, hours before the lunch bell rings in schools across our city, our downtown kitchen is filled with the joyful enthusiasm of volunteers making and delivering lunches for kids who would otherwise go without. The amazing volunteers in our kitchen and in community kitchens all over Calgary are the heads, hearts and hands that feed 2,900 kids each school day. We are so grateful and inspired by their tireless dedication and passion to help ensure there are no hungry kids in Calgary and proud to count each one of these people as part of the BB4CK community! This month three members of the BB4CK community, Laurie Tamagi, Reanna Sawatzky and Sandra Berner share their stories of how they help feed Calgary kids.

Laurie Tamagi

Laurie Tamagi

Laurie Tamagi has been delivering lunches as a volunteer driver with BB4CK for about a year. Interested in helping with a school lunch program in Calgary, Laurie discovered BB4CK online, inquired to see how she could help feed kids and has been delivering lunches since!

“BB4CK is effectively meeting a critical need in the Calgary community. This organization is highly professional, incredibly efficient and sincerely cares about making a real difference in the lives of Calgary’s youth. With BB4CK, I know my small contribution is a part of an important and meaningful effort having significant impact in our city. When I deliver the lunches, I have a unique opportunity to see our school communities in action. I meet teachers, administrators and support staff, all committed to ensuring their students are safe and cared for every day. As a former teacher and avid community volunteer, I’m inspired by the spirit and dedication of these schools and of the enthusiastic staff and volunteers at BB4CK – all working together in support of Calgary kids!” – Laurie Tamagi

Just over a year ago Reanna Sawatzky started volunteering in the downtown BB4CK kitchen. A friend who had previously volunteered with BB4CK had a great experience and recommended the kitchen when Reanna was looking for a local volunteer opportunity. Once a week Reanna visits the kitchen to help prep for lunches before she begins her work day.

Reanna Sawatzky

Reanna Sawatzky

“After travelling and volunteering abroad, I was drastically impacted by the poverty and suffering around the world. It pained me to see the situations that people were living in. After returning home and doing research into the poverty in Calgary I was very driven to get involved in helping out locally. It astonished me to find out how much of my own city needs a helping hand. Through BB4CK I feel like I can make a positive impact in my community. My favorite part about volunteering in the kitchen is the people and the impact that we make. The kitchen has a wonderful atmosphere and volunteering is always the highlight of my week. Hearing the stories about the positive change that BB4CK has made in communities, schools and people’s lives is amazing. To me, I view it as not only helping give kids what they need, but also showing them that there is a big group of people that deeply care about their well being.” – Reanna Sawatzky

Sandra Berner has been delivering lunches for 3½ months and is loving every minute! “If there is a need and I have the ability to help, what a perfect match!” says Sandra. When looking for volunteer opportunities Sandra jumped at the chance to help lunches make their way to Calgary students.

“It’s special to see firsthand how many people and companies in Calgary give their time, talents, food, donations, and gifts of selflessness to put together healthy lunches for children and youth each day, giving those students a better chance to enjoy their education and to succeed. It really is amazing and heart-warming. Kudos to the generosity out there and to the incredible coordination/organization/planning that is done to achieve the deliveries each day. I love that as a volunteer driver I get to pop into so many schools and see the terrific atmosphere that staff and students create. I love driving, helping, schools, and the bit of exercise that I get…. so it’s a fabulous volunteer opportunity. Thank you to other drivers who are friendly and helpful in the parkade each morning. Hats off to the kitchen staff who get up waaay too early to put it all together and clean it all up! Josh and Cathy’s warm smiles, care, hugs, organization and sunny greetings are such a wonderful way to begin a delivery. I look forward to seeing them each shift. They brighten every day! I am very happy and thankful to be a small part of such a great team!” – Sandra Berner

January 18, 2016

Kids Helping Kids


Clockwise from left: Anaya, Ringette Calgary Team U16AA Team Blue, Ashlyn and Mitchell

Clockwise from left: Anaya, Ringette Calgary U16AA Team Blue, Ashlyn, and Mitchell

When 8-year-old Anaya discovered there are children in Calgary who do not get lunch every day she was inspired to take action! Instead of gifts for her birthday Anaya asked for donations to Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids – donations that fill a tummy with a healthy lunch, allowing a child to focus on learning and fun instead of hunger. Anaya continued to find ways to feed kids by sharing her experience of volunteering and fundraising for BB4CK with others and selling Christmas cookies. Anaya is joined by an impressive number of Calgary kids taking action to raise awareness about childhood hunger and provide lunches to students.

Creative New Ways To Inspire Social Change  

In 2015, BB4CK received donations from over 20 birthdays, helping to provide hundreds of lunches for kids! Our city is buzzing with the activity of young people who are spreading the word about hunger in Calgary and finding creative new ways to inspire social change. Gifting lunches with birthday dollars, organizing snack drives, snack making parties, presentations, sales of garden veggies and volunteering in the BB4CK kitchen – the youth of Calgary are generously sharing their time, talents and funds to help ensure none of their peers go hungry.

We are so inspired by the generosity, enthusiasm and support of these passionate change-makers, using their heads, hearts and hands to help kids in their communities!

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