January 12, 2017

Community Profile: Playfield

Meet Playfield: a jewelry brand that creates beautiful bracelets that make a positive impact! They donate 10% of their gross profits to charity, and over the past six months Playfield and their awesome community helped provide 1000 meals to Calgary kids!

January 11, 2017

Why.yyc Volunteer Spotlight

As featured on @why.yyc:

why.yyc“Growing up, I was one of four siblings and my mother was very, very ill, so my brother, who was 6 years older than me, had the responsibility to feed us. While he wasn’t always the most capable of cooks, he did a pretty good job and in a way that translated to me what the importance of a nutritious meal is for children.

There are a lot of opportunities to volunteer in Calgary, but for me volunteering at Brown Bagging 4 Calgary’s Kids has allowed me to make the greatest impact on the most vulnerable part of our society: our children. Brown Bagging believes that “no child should be left hungry” and I like that they don’t ask the kids “why” they are hungry they just feed them and meet their needs. Imagine if a kid wasn’t going to go to school one day but they decide to go because they look forward to their lunch.

I have to say that when I leave my shift, I get a feeling of elation. I think the reason I have that feeling is because I feel like I am a small part of a very committed group of people who make a significant change, and that feels great. I’m proud that I’m able to still contribute to society. Before I retired I was an accountant, and we always reported after the fact and I didn’t always feel like I was having the most positive effect on this world but Brown Bagging gives me that feeling.” – Karen

January 5, 2017

Thank you Calgary!

Thank YouThank you Calgary! This Christmas, Calgarians gifted thousands of lunches. You gifted them in honour of your friends, family, and co-workers. You gave your loved ones gifts that help a group of volunteers start a community group to feed kids in their neighbourhood, you gave the gift of ham, jam, eggs, soap, gloves, and more for our downtown kitchen. Calgarians came together and planned snack drives, supply drives and events to help ensure there are no hungry kids in Calgary. You talked about childhood hunger in our city and inspired each other to take action to feed and care for kids.

Together, all of your contributions help ensure that any child that goes to school without enough to eat receives a healthy lunch. Your actions make a difference everyday. Thank you.

December 23, 2016

Head, Heart, Hands: Crescent Point Energy

CrescentPointEnergy(3)In June of 2015, Crescent Point Energy softly launched their new internal volunteer program with a few volunteer dates making lunches at their head office’s kitchen. By September 2015, volunteers were meeting weekly to create lunches and the program continues to grow. Each Thursday a different group of Crescent Point employees meet in the office kitchen from 8:30 to 10:30 am. 5 to 10 volunteers make anywhere from 130 to 150 lunches and volunteer drivers deliver the lunches to youth at three schools in the community.

Crescent Point Energy (1)

Darryl and Morgan

Darryl and Morgan manage the volunteer lunch program at Crescent Point. Darryl shares that the program is a really good fit for their team, “this resonates with a lot of people, it’s a really good cause. It supports kids, education, and a general necessity of life.” The program is fully funded by Crescent Point and fresh ingredients like meats, cheeses, fruits and snacks are provided by the company. The employees enjoy their role in both prepping and making lunches to help feed the kids Crescent Point cares for.

“The volunteers really like being able to volunteer at work and they get to see just how many lunches they’re making and how many kids they’re helping” says Morgan. “It’s a great team building opportunity” adds Darryl. The volunteer dates book up quickly by different departments and teams and the volunteers appreciate the ease of volunteering for a couple hours in the morning in their own office building. “You get ten team members together in a room making lunches, chatting and having fun. There is an aspect of togetherness and team building that is so valuable,” explains Darryl. Morgan adds, “in this size of company not everyone knows each other. This is a good way to interact as a team, while helping the community.”

Crescent Point Energy (2)“I don’t think everyone realizes the need, because they might not be around it,” says Darryl, “lots of people assume we are helping elementary kids and are surprised when they learn it is high school students we provide lunches for. There has been a lot of learning and increased awareness.” “The schools have shared with us that the students enjoy the different sandwiches and variety of lunch options. They look forward to Thursdays.” Says Morgan.

Darryl and Morgan’s advice for companies looking to begin their own internal volunteer program feeding kids in the community: “it is not that difficult to start and run this type of program and it is a great way to be in and support the community. There are lots of aspects of planning, such as organizing volunteers and working with the schools but it is worth it to see the impact you make. It is very little investment for a big impact.”

To learn more about creating a community group at your company click here.

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