April 14, 2014

Well-fed kids…

 …tend to be sick less often:

• Fewer Hospitalizations: Food-insecure kids are 31% more likely to have been hospitalized since birth than children growing up in food-secure households. [Child Food Insecurity: The Economic Impact on Our Nation]

• Fewer Headaches, Stomachaches: Kids who don’t get enough to eat are “significantly more likely to have poorer health status and to experience more frequent stomachaches and headaches than food-sufficient children.” [National Institutes of Health (NIH)]

• Fewer Colds: Preschool children without enough to eat tend to have more frequent colds. [National Institutes of Health (NIH)]

April 4, 2014

Shared Vision – No Hungry Kids

The numbers don’t lie!  Feeding Hungry Kids can change lives!  check out the link below:

December 20, 2013

Wishing you Happy Holidays

While the holiday season can be a very happy or special one, for many, it can also be a stressful occasion.  For this week’s blog, we would like to share an inspirational story of one business who turned a negative incident into a series of positive events for the people they serve.

Two weeks ago, a number of small businesses in Lexington KY were robbed.  One of those stores, A Cup of Common Wealth Coffee Shop, decided to take a positive approach to the event:  they put up a Christmas tree where locals can pick up and drop off a gift, they are offering a free coffee to all visitors who shop at the affected stores and they have created a very special coffee donation wall:

On behalf of the Brown Bagging team, we wish you all a wonderful holiday season,



December 5, 2013

Gifts that give back: Charitable options with a great impact

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