July 4, 2018

Talk with Tanya – Summer Hunger

The school year is over, and hunger doesn’t take a summer vacation. In this month’s Talk with Tanya video, our Executive Director discusses Food Finder YYC, a collaborative of Calgary organizations and people working together to connect kids and teens with food resources during the summer break. Learn more at

April 30, 2018

Talk with Tanya – People

March 26, 2018

Talk with Tanya – Purpose

February 23, 2018

Talk with Tanya – Trust

In this month’s Talk with Tanya, our Executive Director Tanya and Administration Coordinator Lyndsey discuss the value of trust. Trust is the vital foundation for creating collaborative teams who make a real impact by working together. How we purposefully “do trust” each day to encourage deeper commitment to our overall purpose can be based on things such as having a common purpose, being consistent, holding each other accountable with our actions, and extending trust first.

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