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BB4CK works with schools, community groups and volunteers to ensure that over 200 schools across Calgary are provided with lunch for hungry kids. These are some of our stories:

The lunches we provide to kids in need are so much more than a lunch. They are a tool for connection. They help to bridge gaps, build trust, and foster community and caring within our schools. Sam’s story is just one example of how a lunch can pave the path to a brighter future.

As a brand new high school in Calgary’s far SE neighbourhood of Seton, the staff at started their school year in September not knowing any of their students. Starting a school year with hundreds of new students was challenging for many different reasons. One main challenges staff faced was not knowing which students required support or how they could support those in need. 

Mary, a guidance counsellor in the School’s Student Success Centre, was quick to identify that some students were arriving to school without a lunch in their backpacks. Mary reached out to BB4CK and working together, we made sure that the school had the resources necessary to provide lunches to kids in need. The Student Success Centre started making lunches for hungry students and within a few months they were feeding over 20 kids. Slowly, the school staff were able to get to know these students on a more personal level. One particular student – Sam – became a daily visitor to the Student Success Centre. Sam was reserved and withdrawn, but she was always so appreciative and happy to be able to enjoy the food provided through the BB4CK lunch program.

As Sam grew to trust Mary and the other staff at the Student Success Centre, she started to open up. She quickly became a frequent visitor to Mary’s office, sometimes several times a day, and Mary and Sam developed a strong rapport. Mary came to learn that Sam required a lot of more support – not only did she have limited access to healthy meals at home, but she was dealing with social and emotional problems that were impacting her learning and self-confidence.

To get Sam more engage, Mary asked her if she would be willing to help with the lunch program. Sam was more than happy to help. Sam has been the school’s one consistent, reliable student volunteer – helping to make lunches for the majority of the second semester. Mary says, “it has been heartwarming to watch this student transition from a rather quiet, struggling student to an out-going, more confident individual who is more than willing to give back to her school”. Sam is working with Mary to deal with the barriers she faces, her belly is full, and she now has connection to a community that cares for her and that she can rely on.

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