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BB4CK works with schools, community groups and volunteers to ensure that over 200 schools across Calgary are provided with lunch for hungry kids. These are some of our stories:


I’d like to tell you about 9-year-old Kyla and her 7-year-old brother Brad. Kyla and Brad go to school every day with empty lunch kits. A few weeks ago, Kayla had the courage to approach one of her teachers, Ms. Stark to tell her, “we are very hungry, there is no food at home,”. Fortunately for these kids, their school is a part of the BB4CK community and lunches are delivered to the school each day. Without asking any questions, Ms. Stark listens and cares for Kayla and her brother every day while making sure they fill their bellies with a healthy lunch.

Recently, Kayla has started visiting Ms. Stark after classes are done and everyone is heading home. She asks if her and Brad can take a few of the leftover sandwiches and snacks so they can both have supper at night. “Her eyes light up whenever we send home leftovers” says Ms. Stark, “and we are always happy to do this since we know there will be another delivery tomorrow.”


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