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Chris and David

Meet David and Chris, two friends and co-workers who each spend one early morning a week in the downtown BB4CK kitchen, sharing fun and laughter as they help prep lunch items for the day ahead.

In 2013, David first visited the BB4CK kitchen and turned that visit into four years of volunteering with us.

“I came in as part of a corporate group in October of 2013, loved the morning working in the kitchen, loved the program, so I emailed Wendy looking to come in regularly and have been coming in Thursday morning since. I’m a Thursday regular, I run the deli slicer holding court in the back of the kitchen. Slicing the cheese, turkey, and ham for the sandwiches, hundreds of slices a morning.

I was fortunate enough to always have a sandwich for lunch at school growing up, even sharing my lunch with classmates. It is very important to me that as many kids as possible don’t have to worry about where to get their next meal. BB4CK does a great job of getting as many sandwiches out to as many schools as possible.”

Favorite part about volunteering in the kitchen? Making some good friends, also receiving plenty of sass from the crew.

Favorite lunch as a child? Cold cut and cheese sandwich ? Turkey through high school, honey ham in university.

Chris discovered BB4CK through our past Executive Director, Bob McInnis, and for the past three years, Chris has filled the BB4CK kitchen with his unique sense of humour as he helps us prepare for the day.

“I started volunteering because I worked with Dave and refused to be out-volunteered by him! I usually arrive to the kitchen 15 minutes late, DJ, make dad jokes, cut celery, unbag carrots, and wash apples on Wednesdays. I don’t make sandwiches because of my inferior mayonnaise schmearing skills. Then I bid adieu to everyone in a very dramatic way. There’s a good chance that having me there uses more resources than if I were to stay home.

I strongly believe that private charity and helping one another voluntarily is far more effective at fixing societal problems than any government program can be, it’s a core belief that I hold. Helping kids achieve their full potential is also a great way to help them succeed, and a good lunch is important to making that happen. There’s really no better way to achieve both those things than volunteering at, and donating to, BB4CK!”

Favorite part about volunteering in the kitchen? Being on the receiving end of a whole lot of sass from the Wednesday crew.

Favorite lunch as a child? A homemade BLT, yummm.

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