Lunch is a chance to serve

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Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids asked Varsity Bible Church youth pastor Mat Eapen the question, “What is lunch?” This is what he told us.

“Lunch is a chance to serve.”

“I’ve been a youth pastor for around 13 or 14 years at Varsity Bible Church. We’ve always tried different opportunities to serve communities, but I wanted to find something that was consistent throughout the year. So I got in touch with Jill from BB4CK.

“My youth group meets every second Wednesday at the church, and we put together lunches. The senior and junior high girls do one night, then the senior and junior high boys do the next shift. We have about 35 kids, ranging from Grade 7 to 12, and there’s about six or seven who come out for each shift to help out. They put all the lunches together in our kitchens here, pack it up and get it ready to go to the students at Terrace Road School for the next day. We make 24 sandwiches per session.

“These young people need a space to live out their faith, and when we serve together that’s where relationships are built. And it’s great when it benefits the community around us. It’s important for young people to think beyond themselves. I think for kids today it’s easy to think about themselves more than anything else, and it’s a great discipline to learn to look beyond yourself and help people who are in need, and to use your time and your talents wisely. These kids have the capability to do it. We just need to give them the opportunity.”

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