Our People

Tanya Koshowski / Executive Director

“My involvement in BB4CK gives me an amazing purpose to wake up for every morning. It’s a privilege to work with everyday heroes who make a difference, and to have the opportunity to empower kids’ lives by ensuring they are fed — helping them to be the best they can be.”


Jill Birch / Director of Community Engagement

“Working at BB4CK brings together my heart for children and my passion of HOPE (Helping Others Practise Enough). I love helping others make a difference. It is an honour and very humbling to work with such an amazing community to effect change in the daily life of a child and ensure there are no hungry kids in Calgary.”


Bethany Ross / Director of Operations

“Everyone can do something to make a difference in their community. My something is to help kids and to support communities. I get to do both at BB4CK, helping make sure kids have a lunch to eat and helping to empower others to make a difference as well. “


Nikita Scringer / Kitchen Supervisor

“If you ever want to see a bit of real life magic, just step foot inside the Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids Kitchen. I love working for BB4CK because it combines my love and passion for food, kids, and contributing positively to my community. It is both a gratifying and humbling line of work and I feel blessed to be able to be apart of such a hard working organization with awesome values.”


Stephanie Gauthier / Director of Kitchen Engagement

“I love being a part of BB4CK because it gives me the opportunity to help provide kids with the nutrition they need to grow, learn and play, letting kids be kids. It is also a privilege to be a part of this amazing community of inspiring volunteers dedicated to feeding hungry kids every day.”


Jessica Zutz / Community and Communications Coordinator

“Every day I meet people who are passionate about making sure Calgary kids receive a nutritious lunch to help them grow, learn and play and I am so grateful to be part of such a moving and inspiring community. I love that Calgarians come together to care for our city’s kids and take action to create social change. It’s amazing what we can accomplish together!”


Twyla McKinnon / Operations Coordinator

“To be a part of the solution to ensuring children receive healthy lunches they might otherwise go without – to enable them to be happy and succeed, is a most wonderful feeling. So many pieces come together each day in the BB4CK organization to see that children receive much needed nourishment and I am so humbled to be one of these pieces.”


Wendy Treschel / Volunteer & Fund Development Coordinator

“Working with BB4CK means that I get to experience first-hand the generosity of Calgarians. The commitment of the volunteers, donors and supporters to these kids is overwhelming, and I get to be a part of that by connecting them.”


Cathy Jarvis / Distribution Coordinator

“From the moment I started with Brown Bagging, I was hooked. The fact that there are hungry kids in Calgary and I can help with the solution overwhelms me, and makes me feel honoured to be working with such an incredible organization.”


Lyndsey Enyimu / Administration Coordinator

“Working for BB4CK is truly a privilege and a pleasure. I wake up everyday excited to go to work and interact with others who feel as passionate as I do about eliminating hunger in our schools. It is inspiring and humbling watching the citizens in our community take meaningful action through volunteering and donating. I truly admire BB4CK’s vision and mission, and I feel blessed to be part of it.”


Josh Folden / Technology Coordinator

“For me, I love working at BB4CK because of the social impact piece. When a child is fed, it feels cared for, safe. When a child is fed, it will be more likely to do well in school, more likely to be happy, and less likely to be involved in crimes like theft. Our society benefits because a person who has benefited from society, is more likely to make meaningful contributions to that society.”


Louise Bailot / Finance Coordinator

“I am so happy and honored to work with Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids. One of our basic human needs is food and our community is doing everything possible to provide lunches to as many hungry school children as needed. Brown Bagging’s goal of no hungry kids is portrayed everyday with ambition, creativity, innovation and determination. Being in finance, I report successes and help plan spending. It is so refreshing to work for a non-profit organization who is so conscious and appreciative of what we do and especially of our volunteers and donors’ contributions. This is what I love about being here at BB4CK.”


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