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Be a Hero for Hungry Kids!

Are you in need of help?

What does hunger look like?
Do you have hungry kids in  your school?

1 in 10 households in Alberta experience food insecurity – inadequate or insecure access to food. The problem is growing, and reasearch shows that food insecurity in children is strongly linked to mental health problems and behavioural issues. 
Currently, BB4CK is feeding kids in over 2/3rds of Calgary’s schools, and already 2% of Calgary’s kids. In some schools we are feeding just one child, in other schools, we are feeding every student. But we have never turned away a hungry kid or a school asking for support. 
How we can help
Reach out – we’re here to help

BB4CK is here to help. Our programs are anonymous, and require no means testing or signing of forms. We work with each and every school to figure out the best way to meet their needs and we would love to do the same for you. Reach out to us today and let’s start talking about how we can help
Kitchen Delivery

Schools enrolled in kitchen delivery receive their lunch and lunch items from BB4CK’s downtown kitchen. Lunches are created by volunteers in the BB4CK kitchen and are delivered by volunteer drivers to the schools. Kitchen delivery schools manage their program through BB4CK’s online portal and may receive lunches every day of the week or receive combined support by the kitchen and a neighborhood community group. Kitchen delivery is available only for schools within the delivery zone.

Funded Schools

BB4CK funding for grocery shopping can be provided directly to schools in the form of grocery gift cards. Lunches are then made within the school by a group of student, staff or community volunteers. Some schools engage their culinary arts, paced learning, or leadership/volunteer club students in lunch creation. Grocery receipts or their copies are submitted to BB4CK. Lunches are created for up to
$2.00 maximum per lunch. Creating a monthly budget helps groups manage their funds and forecast future funding needs.

We would love to come and help educate your community about what we do. Contact Us to request a presentation for a class, a parent or school committee or a school assembly

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