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Sophie is one of the kids who you buy lunch for. Sophie now receives lunch every day from the BB4CK Kitchen, made and delivered by a volunteer.

Sophie is 9 years old. She’s small for her age, the smallest in her class, and has long blonde hair. She’s a great reader, and struggles a little bit in math. Sophie’s favourite game at recess is tag.

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Last Tuesday, before Sophie walked to school, she opened the fridge one last time – hoping to see more than the wrinkled apple she’d shoved in her bag earlier. It was empty. As she walked through the school doors, her friends yelling around her, Sophie tried to ignore the hunger pangs.

Outside for morning recess, everyone played tag – but Sophie sat on the grass, watching. She was too tired to play today, having not eaten since lunch yesterday.

It might surprise you that Sophie could be hungry at a school in Calgary – but it’s true.

The truth is, there are thousands of hungry kids right here in our city. Every day, 4,200 kids in Calgary go to school without a healthy lunch. With your help, every one of them will continue to get the food they need, made by a volunteer and delivered right to their school. You can help feed them by making a donation right now.

When the lunch bell rang on Tuesday, Sophie pulled that old wrinkled apple out of her backpack. She took a bite, making sure to enjoy every morsel – and her teacher noticed. “Hey, Sophie. Would you like a turkey sandwich to go with that apple? And maybe some carrot sticks, and a granola bar?”

The food that Sophie ate that day, and will eat every day that she needs it, will be purchased with money from donors like you. Your gift will be used by volunteers to make healthy lunches and to fill Sophie’s stomach. In fact, your support will ensure healthy lunches are available at school for Sophie any time she needs it. She’ll get that food from a teacher she trusts, and it will have the energy to focus and learn with a full stomach.

Will you help feed Sophie and other kids like her? You will make sure she has the healthy, filling lunch she needs to learn, grow and play – like every 3rd grader should be able to.

$1 helps provide a healthy lunch for a hungry child. Any donation you make will help.

Please click here to make a gift and feed hungry kids today.

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