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Over the last six weeks, May 1 to June 15, the BB4CK community has come together in a really remarkable way.

On May 1, we shared that our community had received a challenge from our friends at the Prosser Charitable Foundation. For every gift that anyone made of $20 or more before June 15, the Foundation would amplify it with an additional $200, up to a total of 300 gifts.

Since that time, our community came together in ways big and small. Kids had birthday parties and invited their friends to bring a donation; office teams held collections; people made their own donations online and invited others on their social media to do the same.

Together, our community surpassed the goal, with more than 300 people stepping up to make a gift to feed kids in our community. As a result, the Prosser Charitable Foundation will give a total of $60,000 to BB4CK. Add this to the contributions of more than $130,000 from our community, and together we have made an incredible impact for kids who would otherwise go to school without enough to eat.

Whether you gave $20, $100 or $1,000, your gift was amplified by $200 – and together with the gifts of so many others in our community, it makes a huge difference for kids in our city.

Together, we can do anything. Thank you for being part of the BB4CK community, and thank you for feeding kids!

To celebrate the conclusion of the spring #GiftALunch campaign, we were on Facebook Live! Check out the video here.

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