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Meet Fiona, BB4CK’s Community Coordinator:

“As Community Coordinator I look after our community groups of volunteers throughout the city. I have been associated with BB4CK since 2015. I wanted to get involved with an organisation that provided food support to kids who did not have enough to eat at home (for various reasons). I started volunteering with a community group in Ranchlands and went on to lead a community group as a volunteer in Varsity. I enjoy my work with BB4CK for a number of reasons, I believe in our vision “communities that make sure all kids are fed”; I have a job that suits me in every way and lets me take positive action to achieve this vision; I respect and am inspired by my colleagues and I like working with volunteers. My favourite part about working with BB4CK is enabling a community group to grow from an idea into reality and working with all our amazing volunteers.” – Fiona

Fiona’s favorite lunch as a child – Lincolnshire sausages, beans and mashed potatoes. Lunch was always hot when I was young!

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