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BB4CK works in partnership with Calgary schools to make and deliver free healthy lunches for students who would otherwise go hungry.


5000 Kids

Through the work of community groups and volunteers, we provide lunches for approximately 5000 kids each school day. Lunches are prepared in our main kitchen, and in various other locations by community groups including retirees, parent groups and local businesses.

Nourishment is available to any young person who arrives at school without enough to eat. BB4CK works with school staff members to identify needs and to plan how best to make sure hungry students get the nutrition required to think clearly and learn. By enabling better education outcomes, BB4CK gives students a hand up, not just a handout.


$2 to feed a child

Each lunch costs an average of $2 to make and deliver, thanks to the help of our in-kind partners. These partners include the Calgary Italian Bakery, Sysco Canada, Calgary Food Bank and Mountain Meadows Food Processing.


Thousands of volunteers

The work of thousands of caring volunteers alongside our small and dedicated staff means contributions go directly toward feeding hungry kids. So when an individual or corporation makes a donation of any size, the impact is easy to calculate and the effect is immediate.


The Lunches

For every $2 we receive, BB4CK can make and deliver a healthy lunch to one child. Despite our name, there are actually no brown bags. We stopped using brown paper lunch bags several years ago, to reduce waste and make it less obvious which kids were receiving our lunches. Today, all our lunches are packed into large bins. Each bin contains all the components a school needs for the number of lunches it has requested. A side benefit of this change is flexibility to meet various needs. For example, some kids need a full meal, while others require a supplement to an inadequate lunch. We aim to provide variety along with nutrition. Each lunch we deliver contains a healthy sandwich made with fresh bread. Ingredients include cheese, ham, turkey, tuna, egg salad or peanut-free “pea butter” and jam. We also include vegetables and fruit, and a snack such as yogurt or homemade cookies. Each item carries a high nutritional value and either meets or exceeds the Canadian health recommendations.


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