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Connect and inspire people to take meaningful action to feed and care for kids.


Communities that make sure all kids are fed.



People are at the core of everything we do. Every individual connected to this community – the kids we feed, school staff, volunteers and donors and our staff team – matters immensely. We act with great love and respect in every relationship.


We trust our partners, community groups and schools to ensure that hungry children are fed. Our community trusts us to use their money and their time wisely. When we trust each other, we are all free to do our best work.


It’s the action we take that really matters. We work locally at a grassroots level, giving real food to real kids, every day. Donors and volunteers can see a direct path from their generosity to a healthy meal being handed to a hungry child.

Our History

The Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Street Kids program is started through the now-defunct World Job and Food Bank, a Canadian agency affiliated with the United Nations. The original mandate of the program was to provide healthy lunches to homeless children — young people who weren’t being helped by agencies that served the adult homeless. The program continued and evolved through the 1990s.
Under the guidance of Calgarians Christy Switzer and Kimberly Setrakov, and still focused on feeding hungry homeless young people, BB4CK becomes a registered charity — a major step forward. This status allows BB4CK to issue official donation receipts for income tax purposes, and to apply for grants and accept funding from other charitable organizations including foundations. Registered charity status also has tax advantages, allowing more money to go directly to meals for hungry kids.
After studies show that hunger in schools is a major problem, BB4CK shifts its focus to include the thousands of Calgary schoolchildren who go hungry every day. Up until now, the organization has been known as “Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Street Kids” — the word “street” is dropped, creating a movement that includes all hungry kids in Calgary.

With the downtown kitchen and community partners, BB4CK provides lunches to over 100 schools and feeds approximately 2,000 kids a day. BB4CK redesigns its logo and welcomes Tanya Koshowski as the new Executive Director of Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids.

Video: Tanya Koshowski and Former Executive Director Bob McInnis discuss the leadership transition and future potential of BB4CK.

The BB4CK community works with 220 schools and impacts approximately 4,400 kids a day who would otherwise go without. About 58 percent of schools are cared for by community groups including retirees, parent groups, local businesses, and kids helping kids. The rest of the lunches are created in our downtown kitchen with the help of volunteer groups. Approximately 2,500 volunteers share their time and talents each year to help make this all possible.
Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids is committed to a future Calgary where no child goes hungry. Through awareness and outreach, we will work with every school in our city, identifying needs and empowering Calgarians to create lasting social impact by using their heads, hearts and hands to find ways to feed and care for kids who would otherwise go without.
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