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As featured on @why.yyc:

“Growing up, I was one of four siblings and my mother was very, very ill, so my brother, who was 6 years older than me, had the responsibility to feed us. While he wasn’t always the most capable of cooks, he did a pretty good job and in a way that translated to me what the importance of a nutritious meal is for children.

There are a lot of opportunities to volunteer in Calgary, but for me volunteering at Brown Bagging 4 Calgary’s Kids has allowed me to make the greatest impact on the most vulnerable part of our society: our children. Brown Bagging believes that “no child should be left hungry” and I like that they don’t ask the kids “why” they are hungry they just feed them and meet their needs. Imagine if a kid wasn’t going to go to school one day but they decide to go because they look forward to their lunch.

I have to say that when I leave my shift, I get a feeling of elation. I think the reason I have that feeling is because I feel like I am a small part of a very committed group of people who make a significant change, and that feels great. I’m proud that I’m able to still contribute to society. Before I retired I was an accountant, and we always reported after the fact and I didn’t always feel like I was having the most positive effect on this world but Brown Bagging gives me that feeling.” – Karen

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