We’re calling on all Calgarians to step up and join the league of Heroes for Hungry Kids. Why? Because when kids are hungry it not only affects their ability to grow, learn, and make the most of life – it also affects families and our communities. Get involved today and Be a Hero for Hungry Kids.


Andy – our Hero for Families. 


Andy’s our adorable little hero for families – he steps up to help support BB4CK because he loves his family and knows the stress families are under when their kids are hungry. 

Read more about the impact of hunger on families and how BB4CK steps up to help: 





BB4CK provides lunches to Calgary students in schools and the impact from this one single lunch can be felt in many ways. Every child truly feels better interacting and learning with both peers and teachers when they have full bellies. We know they feel better physically and emotionally but did you know that this peace of mind also extends outside of the classroom and in fact outside of the school itself?

At BB4CK we offer lunches to children with no questions asked. The children we provide lunches to may be with out a lunch for a number of reasons and we are aware of the many struggles and hardships families face every single day that may limit their ability to provide a lunch; this resonates even more so in the pandemic challenges over the past few months. Not being able to send your child to school with a lunch and the added anxiety of how to put lunch on the table during a pandemic is overwhelming for many families.

One family this past school year was newly in a position to need lunches but did not realize that they could access the BB4CK program until they met with the school. This single parent was so overwhelmed in knowing that her children would have good food at lunch and that she could spend her money for better dinners that she broke down in tears. She was extremely grateful!

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