With 21 percent of Calgarians reporting they struggle to buy groceries and food prices continuing to rise, the BB4CK community is determined to provide food security to kids and their families.

With over 30 community kitchens around our city, lunches can be delivered to any quadrant of the city. All of the BB4CK kitchens are AHS-approved, and all operate the same.

There are two ways we support schools:

  • We deliver lunches
  • We fund the school lunch program

When you sign up to receive lunches from one of our kitchens:
You get a variety of sandwiches, fruit and vegetables, and a variety of snacks.


It also means that:

  • Your order can be adjusted when needed!
  • No need is too small! We are here to help

Do you want to receive BB4CK lunches?

We are happy to connect and support you, please email Twyla, our school connector, at

Would you like to modify your lunch order or is there an urgent request for today’s delivery?

(Remember to have your password handy)

If you are a parent, or caregiver who is looking to get lunches

Connect with our family connector at hello@bb4ck.org