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Tanya Koshowski

Executive Director My involvement in BB4CK gives me an amazing purpose to wake up for every morning.

Contact for vision and fund development. tanya@bb4ck.org | 403-874-7971

Bethany Ross

Director of Operations Everyone can do something to make a difference in their community.

Contact for fund development, grant applications and communications. bethany@bb4ck.org | 403-689-2571

Lyndsey Enyimu

Administration Coordinator Working for BB4CK is truly a privilege and a pleasure.

Contact for Administrative Vision. lyndsey@bb4ck.org | 403-264-7979

Cathy Jarvis

Distribution Coordinator From the moment I started with Brown Bagging, I was hooked. 

Contact regarding volunteer drivers. cathy@bb4ck.org | 403-237-5832

Twyla McKinnon

Operations Coordinator To enable kids to be happy and succeed, is a most wonderful feeling.

Contact for updates/changes to existing kitchen school lunch delivery information. twyla@bb4ck.org | 403-237-5832

Louise Bailot

Financial Coordinator I am so happy and honored to work with Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids.

Contact for receivables and payables. louise@bb4ck.org | 403-264-7979

Josh Folden

Technology Coordinator The social impact of this program inspires me daily.

Contact for Technology Vision and Technical Support josh@bb4ck.org | 403-264-7979

Get in touch! Contact us to get more information, to help feed kids, or to request a speaker for your next event!

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