Looking for a Heartfelt, Consistent Way to Give?

Become a Hunger Hero and generate reliable food support for children.

One lunch cost $3.50 to make and deliver. By giving $70 each month, you are providing one kid a nutritious lunch each school day each month. Amazing!

“I sure appreciate everything your group has done for Kids. Giving to BB4Kids has enriched my life. I felt that I needed to adjust for inflation; groceries are more costly.” A Hunger Hero

“No Child should go hungry in a city like Calgary. Too many of us are not caring about the less fortunate in our community. It does not take much to make a difference. Even a few dollars will fill an empty tummy” A Hunger Hero

“I feel it is so important for children in school to be adequately nourished. It helps with there cognitive thinking and most importantly their physical and mental development” A Hunger Hero

We know kids in our city go to school without enough food to eat every day.

Your monthly donation will help feed kids for an entire year, create food security and make our mission possible.
Hunger Heroes are our super-heroes.

Join the battle against food insecurity today.

To learn how you can become a Hunger Hero contact Lyndsey at lyndsey@bb4ck.org

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