International Volunteer Managers Day 2022

Today, we are celebrating International Volunteer Managers’ Day!

We are so grateful to all our volunteers for their relentless support and dedication! We sincerely believe that Volunteer Leaders change lives — both the lives of volunteers themselves and of those served by well-led volunteers.

It is a life-changing experience and teaches one the art of patience and remaining hopeful even in stressful situations.

At BB4CK, our volunteer leads are responsible for managing our community groups that are all around Calgary. It would not have been possible to make and deliver over 5,500 lunches throughout the city every day without their constant effort and their perseverance.

This year’s theme for Volunteers Mnagaers Day was: “Many Backgrounds – One Profession – Stronger Together”

This theme conveys a strength the volunteer leadership sector possesses that we don’t draw on enough… the huge and diverse range of backgrounds that volunteering leaders come from.


Read on to find out why our community leaders look forward to volunteering with us!


Nancy Lowe, Team Lead at Bonavista Baptist Church

“I look forward to volunteering because I like connecting with people and making a difference in the lives of children so that food insecurity doesn’t stop them from being the best they can be.

Nancy was a junior high teacher for 30+ years and become a team lead in 2021.

Liza Stratton, Team Lead at McKenzie Towne Church

“I have worked hard in my life and have been blessed by others. Volunteering is my turn to be a blessing to someone else!” 

Liza is a Project Manager for a pump company. She has been in industrial products for most of her adult career. She has 4 children and 6 grandchildren and loves spending time with them.

Sharon Wong, Community Volunteer Lead at Bow Valley Church

“It gives one a sense of purpose and satisfaction knowing you are helping kids and families in some small way,” 

Sharon is a Community Volunteer lead for the Bow Valley Church community group. She is a CPA and currently retired. She worked in the oil and gas industry as a finance manager.

Christine Bailey, Team Lead at Calgary Church of Christ

“I am happy to be making a difference in children’s lives.” 

Christine is the Administrative Assistant for the Calgary Church of Christ and has been with us for the last two years.

Sasha Craven, Founder of the Community Kitchen at LCOC

“I look forward to being reliable for the child.  I also love being able to help! It’s easy and simple to make lunch for someone!” 

Sasha has been retired from her job for 21 years. Prior to being a stay-at-home mom, she was an Orthodontic assistant and instructor.

Krystal Gaudet, Team Lead at Chaparral Lunch Bunch

“Seeing the volume of work completed at the end of each shift. It’s amazing to see the teamwork and efforts bring that much to the kids who need it,”

Krystal has been helping with BB4CK for the last 2 years and worked as an executive assistant until recently. She has been taking some time to give back, and works on being present for her family and community.

Mona Bell, Team Lead at Temple B’Nai

“I feel valued to be supporting a worthy cause and I feel great to be working with wonderful volunteers in a team environment. I love to contribute, and I enjoy the socialization.”

Mona studied Architecture and practiced for a few years before leaving to raise her two daughters. She later worked as an office administrator and then retired a few years ago.

Bev Pede, Team Lead at Beddington Coop

“It makes me feel proud to have contributed and is very satisfying. I also enjoy the comradeship of friends in the kitchen.”

Bev worked for 37 years as a Food Safety Inspector with Canadian Food Inspection Agency but has been happily retired for over 15 years. She discovered BB4CK through the Winston Golf Club back in 2017 when she was invited to attend a lunch-making session at the main kitchen. She has been a team lead for the last two years!

Krissy Gibson, Founder of Community Group at The Experience Church

“To serve alongside our team, building community and relationships and do something so much greater,” 

Krissy has a background in oil & gas, admissions, Esthetics, and management, and is currently self employed and serves at Experience Church in a variety of ministries. She is happily married has a loving daughter named Hana.

Cathy Tait, Team Lead at Temple B’Nai

“It’s nice to feel useful as well as doing something in a social atmosphere. I’ve always volunteered, like at school, so I feel especially helpful in completing our school orders,”

Cathy worked in accounting and retired 5 years ago. She has been with BB4CK for the last five years.


We want to thank all our community leaders for their time. Thank you for caring for Calgary’s kids! 

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