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Are you a food provider who can help?

There is a serious problem with kids going hungry.


Brown Bagging for Calgary’s kids invites and empowers people to work together to feed and care for these kids, so they can grow up to reach their potential.  Our Vision:  A future where communities ensure no kids go hungry.

Our Vision:

A future where communities ensure no kids go hungry.

Our Mission:

Connect and inspire people to take meaningful action to feed and care for kids.

The Problem:

1 in 10 households in Alberta experience food insecurity – which is inadequate or insecure access to food. This problem is growing. Food insecurity in children exacerbates mental health problems, developing from childhood to adolescence. Families are working hard to feed their children, but the majority of households who experience food insecurity reported their main income as wages from employment. It’s not a lack of effort or a matter of laziness, and these families need our support. 

Our Story:

For 30 years, BB4CK has been feeding hungry kids in our city.

Food nourishes us. Brings us together. Connects us. From enjoying a family meal to trading sandwiches in the cafeteria, some of the best memories are built over food. Hungry people can’t focus, can’t learn, can’t grow to be their best.

When kids don’t have food, they can’t reach their potential, and they miss out on key childhood experiences. They don’t make friends as easily, they have a harder time learning, they miss more school and are sick more often.

The BB4CK community is committed to ensuring that every kid in every school in our city has the lunch they need to flourish.

We feed kids who would otherwise go without.

Every lunch is made and delivered by a caring volunteer, often waking early and always working hard to put together healthy meals and get them to kids by lunch. They drive in rain and snow, carry bins bursting with food, scoop hundreds of tuna salads each week.

100% of our funding comes from people and groups who care about feeding hungry kids. They give $20 from their birthday money, and $50,000 grants. They drop off cheques for $100, and sign up as Hunger Heroes to give $40 each month.

These people are the community that come around hungry kids and feed them. These are the gems, the people who take very small actions to make our city and our communities great. This is all of us looking around and seeing a problem – one that we can’t let go, can’t forget – but can’t fix alone. This is all of us seeing that kids are hungry and that it isn’t ok, but realizing that we can’t feed them all by ourselves.

And we’re growing this community, working to create a bigger impact and feed more hungry kids. We’re not slowing down.

So we join together – making a few sandwiches, driving to a few schools, giving what we can. “Alone, I can do so little, but together, we can do so much” has never been so true.

The problems that we face? Well, frankly, they seem overwhelming. People are stressed. People are hurting. People in our neighborhoods, our city – worried about how they’ll pay bills, how they’ll feed their kids. In the face of these problems, overwhelming as they are, it would be easy to turn our backs. Easy to say we can’t fix it, that it’s too big. But that’s not what we do. That’s not who we are. No. We start. We start with one hungry kid, one sandwich, one caring connection. Because we have to start somewhere.

The Team

Tanya Koshowski

Tanya Koshowski

Executive Director

 My involvement in BB4CK gives me an amazing purpose to wake up for every morning.

Contact for vision and leadership.

tanya@bb4ck.org | 403-264-7979

Bethany Ross

Bethany Ross

Director of Operations

Everyone can do something to make a difference in their community.

Contact for operational supports, leases, agreements and related items.

bethany@bb4ck.org | 403-264-7979

Brittany Vine

Brittany Vine

Director of Programming

brittany@bb4ck.org | 403-264-7979

Stephanie Gauthier

Stephanie Gauthier

Special Projects

 Being a part of a community that directly supports the health and wellness of our children is incredibly inspiring and remarkable!

Contact for special projects info.

stephanie@bb4ck.org | 403-264-7979

Kim Hofmann

Kim Hofmann

Kitchen Coordinator

Bringing Volunteers together to feed our children is incredibly inspiring.

kim@bb4ck.org | 403-237-5832 

Twyla McKinnon

Twyla McKinnon

School Connector

To enable kids to be happy and succeed, is a most wonderful feeling.

Contact for updates/changes to existing kitchen school lunch delivery information.

twyla@bb4ck.org | 403-237-5832

Louise Bailot

Louise Bailot

Financial Coordinator

I am so happy and honored to work with Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids.

Contact for receivables and payables.

louise@bb4ck.org | 403-264-7979

Rebecca MacDonald

Rebecca MacDonald

Volunteer Connector

I am so grateful for the opportunity to support volunteers to help feed hungry kids – we are fortunate to have such an incredible volunteer community!

Contact for volunteer inquiries, recruitment, and scheduling.

rebecca@bb4ck.org | 403-264-7979

Briana Stallcup

Briana Stallcup

Giving and Data Coordinator

It’s amazing to be a part of the impact – even more wonderful to do it with such an incredible team.

Contact for Tax Receipts and Hunger Heroes

briana@bb4ck.org | 403-264-7979

Charmaine Lyon

Charmaine Lyon

Fund Development Specialist

I get to connect daily with donors who truly care for kids, what’s better than that? 

Contact for fundraising, donations, grant applications, and events. 

charmaine@bb4ck.org | 403-264-7979

Karin Henderson

Karin Henderson

Community Connector

 It is inspiring to work with so many wonderful Calgarians who are taking meaningful actions to support the hungry kids in their communities.

Contact for community group information and snack drives

karin@bb4ck.org | 403-264-7979

Susan Godfrey

Susan Godfrey

Administrative Coordinator

I am so pleased to be a part of this wonderful organization and spreading love, through lunch, out in the community.

Contact for office support and assistance connecting with our amazing office staff.

susan@bb4ck.org | 403-264-7979

Josh Folden

Josh Folden

Technology Coordinator

The social impact of this program inspires me daily.

Contact for Technical Support

josh@bb4ck.org | 403-264-7979

Our Values


People are at the core of everything we do. Every individual connected to this community – the kids we feed, school staff, volunteers and donors and our staff team – matters immensely. We act with great love and respect in every relationship.


We trust our partners, community groups and schools to ensure that hungry children are fed. Our community trusts us to use their money and their time wisely. When we trust each other, we are all free to do our best work.


It’s the action we take that really matters. We work locally at a grassroots level, giving real food to real kids, every day. Donors and volunteers can see a direct path from their generosity to a healthy meal being handed to a hungry child in need.


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