About Us

Who we are

We feed kids every day, kids that are in school and kids that are at-home learning. Everything we do is possible thanks to the community, including volunteers, donors, and partners. Every day, volunteers come together and prepare healthy lunches that are delivered to kids in school; some volunteers come to our central kitchen, while others go to one of the 24 community groups that are spread throughout the city. Corporate groups, restaurants, individuals, all of us get together with one purpose in mind: to send healthy lunches to kids in their community. We are funded by people like you, corporations, small businesses, and everyone that cares about feeding kids in our city.

Our Story

Communities caring for kids

Our Vision

A future where communities ensure no kids go hungry

Our Mission

Connect and inspire people to take meaningful action to feed and care for kids

Our Manifesto

We believe that kids deserve food. They shouldn’t have to worry about where it will come from, or when.

We believe kids who have consistent access to nutritious food grow stronger brains and stronger bodies. They’re able to make friends, attend school consistently and to focus on learning instead of on a grumbling stomach.
We believe that everyone needs something – help with homework for some, compassion and empathy for others; some people need a home, and others need food. Every single one of us needs other people. We need to feel connected, to feel part of something bigger than ourselves.
We believe people are best positioned to know their own needs. Instead of offering what we think others need, we lead with open ears and open minds. We ask questions, listen to answers, and respond accordingly.
We believe in making sustainable investments that meet urgent and immediate needs, looking to create long term solutions. We are efficient and effective, creative and determined.
It all starts with one hungry kid, one sandwich, one caring connection. Together, we can do what it takes to care for kids in our community.

Our Values



People are at the core of everything we do. Every individual connected to this community – the kids we feed, school staff, volunteers and donors and our staff team – matters immensely. We act with great love and respect in every relationship.


We trust our partners, community groups and schools to ensure that hungry children are fed. Our community trusts us to use their money and their time wisely. When we trust each other, we are all free to do our best work.


It’s the action we take that really matters. We work locally at a grassroots level, giving real food to real kids, every day. Donors and volunteers can see a direct path from their generosity to a healthy meal being handed to a hungry child in need.

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