About Us

Who is Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids? We are your connection to food for kids, volunteer opportunities, and meaningful giving.

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK) is a non-profit organization who has worked for over 30 years to bring people together to ensure kids in our city have access to food. We know that food insecurity effects nearly 1 in 3 children in Alberta and it is our mission to connect and inspire people to take meaningful action to feed and care for kids.

How will we do this? Our BB4CK community includes dedicated volunteers, parents, school staff and donors who help to connect kids to food. With over 30 community kitchens staffed with hundreds of volunteers, assembling lunches for thousands of kids every day, we are committed to removing barriers to food in a dignified way for any child who arrives to school without enough food in their lunch.

We provide sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, baked goods and snacks to care for kids. In addition to providing nutritious meals, our food support creates community connection and a sense of belonging. This is all made possible by our incredible donors, sponsors and impactful community fundraisers.

We want to connect with you. Whether you need a little support, or are looking to get involved, contact us today.

How Will We Do this?

Our Vision

A future where communities ensure no kids go hungry.

Our Mission

Connect and inspire people to take meaningful action to feed and care for kids.

Our Manifesto

We believe that kids deserve food. They shouldn’t have to worry about where it will come from, or when.

We believe kids who have consistent access to nutritious food grow stronger brains and stronger bodies. They’re able to make friends, attend school consistently and to focus on learning instead of on a grumbling stomach.

We believe that everyone needs something – help with homework for some, compassion and empathy for others; some people need a home, and others need food. Every single one of us needs other people.

We need to feel connected, to feel part of something bigger than ourselves.

We believe people are best positioned to know their own needs. Instead of offering what we think others need, we lead with open ears and open minds. We ask questions, listen to answers, and respond accordingly.

We believe in making sustainable investments that meet urgent and immediate needs, looking to create long term solutions. We are efficient and effective, creative and determined.

It all starts with one hungry kid, one sandwich, one caring connection. Together, we can do what it takes to care for kids in our community.