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We are, and will always be, committed to supporting children in schools by making and delivering healthy lunches every school day.


There are many ways you can volunteer with us, at our central kitchen or a community kitchen.


Give the gift of food. With your gift, you will ensure kids in our city won’t go hungry. Donate now! Click here to find out other ways you can give.

There is a serious problem with kids going hungry in our city

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids inspires people to take action and join our community and feed and care for kids.

Why we exist?

We exist because there are hungry kids in Calgary. Because hungry kids won’t grow, won’t learn, and won’t reach their full potential.
We believe that the community has the power to end child hunger.
We know that with your help, we can inspire others to act to feed and care for Calgary’s kids.
We live in a city where food insecurity is more than a statistic; it is a reality, and it’s closer to you than you think. The truth is, it keeps rising.
We all have a role to play in feeding kids; with generosity, support, and care, we will feed every hungry kid in our city, together.

Our story

At Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, we inspire others to feed and care for kids. We dream of a future where no kid goes hungry, where the community comes together to feed and care for kids.

We feed kids every day, kids that are in school and kids that are at-home learning. Everything we do is possible thanks to the community, including volunteers, donors, and partners. Every day, volunteers come together and prepare healthy lunches that are delivered to kids in school; some volunteers come to our central kitchen, while others go to one of the 24 community groups that are spread throughout the city. Corporate groups, restaurants, individuals, all of us get together with one purpose in mind: to send healthy lunches to kids in their community. We are funded by people like you, corporations, small businesses, and everyone that cares about feeding kids in our city.


Take Action

Join the Community

 Join our incredible team of volunteers or set up a community group. Get Involved. 

We Need Your Help

100% of our donations come from our community. Donate Now.

Become a Hunger Hero

Set up a monthly donation and become a hero for kids in your community! Become a Hunger Hero.

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