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Our Vision:

Communities that make sure all kids are fed.

Our Mission:

Connect and inspire people to take meaningful action to feed and care for kids.

The Need

1 in 6 Canadian children do not know where their next meal is coming from.
35% of those relying on food banks nationally are children, when they only represent 20% of the population.

Each day these kids face the school day on an empty stomach because there just isn’t enough in the fridge at home.

Teachers report that students who come to school hungry lose an average of 132 minutes of learning each day due to lack of energy. When someone misses a meal, hunger can consume all thoughts. How is a child supposed to focus on the math problem in front of them when all they can think about is how hungry they are?

Take Action, End Childhood Hunger.

Give Now

Your donation will feed hungry kids. Kids who are arriving at school today without access to a healthy lunch.
$2 = 1 healthy lunch.

Become a Hunger Hero

Hunger Heroes are people who give monthly to Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, they are the superheroes who make our work possible.
$40 / month = Feed one hungry child for an entire month


Giving your time to prepare lunches, delivering them to school, representing bb4ck at an event, or even at our office makes a huge difference and has an incredible impact!

Other Ways To Give

There is no limit to the ways you can use your strengths to help end child hunger. Join the amazing community of people working together to end childhood hunger in our city!

BB4CK By The Numbers:

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Kids Fed Each Day

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Take Action, End Childhood Hunger. Donate Now!

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