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BB4CK is, and will always be, committed to supporting children in schools.


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There is a serious problem with kids going hungry in our city.

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids invites and empowers people in communities to feed and care for these kids, so they can grow up to reach their full potential. With the power of volunteers, we are feeding almost 5000 kids every school day.

BB4CK is currently supporting 228 schools across Calgary

About 60% of our schools. We’re feeding 2% of Calgary’s 220,000 kids. We do this through a combination of our downtown kitchen and our local community groups – all run through the power of volunteers.

Our Story:

For 30 years, BB4CK has been feeding hungry kids in our city.

Food nourishes us. Brings us together. Connects us. From enjoying a family meal to trading sandwiches in the cafeteria, some of the best memories are built over food. Hungry people can’t focus, can’t learn, can’t grow to be their best.

When kids don’t have food, they can’t reach their potential, and they miss out on key childhood experiences. They don’t make friends as easily, they have a harder time learning, they miss more school and are sick more often.

The BB4CK community is committed to ensuring that every kid in every school in our city has the lunch they need to flourish.

We feed kids who would otherwise go without.

Every lunch is made and delivered by a caring volunteer, often waking early and always working hard to put together healthy meals and get them to kids by lunch. They drive in rain and snow, carry bins bursting with food, scoop hundreds of tuna salads each week.

100% of our funding comes from people and groups who care about feeding hungry kids. They give $20 from their birthday money, and $50,000 grants. They drop off cheques for $100, and sign up as Hunger Heroes to give $40 each month.

These people are the community that come around hungry kids and feed them. These are the gems, the people who take very small actions to make our city and our communities great. This is all of us looking around and seeing a problem – one that we can’t let go, can’t forget – but can’t fix alone. This is all of us seeing that kids are hungry and that it isn’t ok, but realizing that we can’t feed them all by ourselves.

And we’re growing this community, working to create a bigger impact and feed more hungry kids. We’re not slowing down.

So we join together – making a few sandwiches, driving to a few schools, giving what we can. “Alone, I can do so little, but together, we can do so much” has never been so true.

The problems that we face? Well, frankly, they seem overwhelming. People are stressed. People are hurting. People in our neighborhoods, our city – worried about how they’ll pay bills, how they’ll feed their kids. In the face of these problems, overwhelming as they are, it would be easy to turn our backs. Easy to say we can’t fix it, that it’s too big. But that’s not what we do. That’s not who we are. No. We start. We start with one hungry kid, one sandwich, one caring connection. Because we have to start somewhere.

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