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Seeking a New Member of the BB4CK Board

*This posting is now closed

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids is seeking the right person to join our Board of Directors. We believe strongly in empowering communities to take meaningful action to feed and care for kids. We are looking for someone who is passionate, forward thinking, and prepared to re-imagine how we create communities that make sure all kids are fed.

Experience in the areas of fund development and/or risk management would be an asset. However, all members of the board are expected to support, participate, and access their networks in support of BB4CK.

Please read the full role description here.

For more information, please contact Lyndsey at Lyndsey@bb4ck.org

More Than A Lunch – Impact at a N.W. Elementary School

Every day, the BB4CK community feeds kids in 225 schools across Calgary. Recently, a NW elementary school shared their story of the impact BB4CK has on their school community. The food and care provided to the students has a lasting impact on the lives of those touched; this is about more than a lunch. This is about taking action to care for one another in our communities.

Their school principal shares, “I have the privilege of seeing first-hand the rewards of everyone’s generosity. Being able to tell a parent not to worry about providing a lunch for their child and seeing the relief that brings to them. Seeing happy children looking forward to lunchtime knowing they are getting a lunch that was especially made for them. Staff that know that their students perform and focus better on a full stomach and get along better with others. I really appreciate the partnership we have with BB4CK and the support you give to our students and their families. We have had an amazing relationship with BB4CK over my years as the principal at our school. The staff and volunteers we have worked with through BB4CK have been so accommodating and are always cheerful and thoughtful. This year we have between 12-15 children receiving lunches each day.”

The NW elementary’s Lunchroom Supervisor shares a story of the impact a lunch has on one of their students, “There have been at least 3 children getting lunches for years. I do not know their situation for getting the lunches. They pick what they want and I find that one boy usually takes everything! Sometimes, I find that he is wanting more but does not ask. I walk past him and he is scraping the bowl several times even though there is nothing left. If there is extra, I ask him if he would like more. I’m sure all the children are appreciative of the lunches, but I feel that this boy is more so.”

A mother of two boys receiving lunches at this school shared, “since coming to this school, I feel comfortable. I feel good that my kids are provided for. I pray for the school and for those who make the lunches. They are amazing! God bless them all for feeding my children. I have no milk, no bread, but my kids have lunches!”

The care and compassion of the lunches extends far beyond the walls of the school. The stories from this school show the impact you make in your community when you take action to support kids. Feed kids today by visiting bb4ck.org/donate-now.

Hunger Heroes Assemble

Our donors make incredible things happen. The lunches they fund each day for students across our city give children the energy and nutrition they need to have a great day at school.  

The carrots and celery purchased in part by Daniel helped Caitlin focus on equations in math class, not her growling stomach.

The sandwiches made possible by Chris gave Hannah the energy to play badminton with her friends in gym. 

The oranges funded by Melissa helped Jordan make a new discovery about coniferous trees during science class.

The muffins provided in part by Naomi helped Sebastian ace his recorder rendition of “Hot Cross Buns” during music.

Through their gifts, Daniel, Melissa, Chris, and Naomi made a huge impact in the lives of kids in our city. They are some of our “Hunger Heroes” – making monthly donations to support children like Caitlin, Jordan, Hannah, and Sebastian in being at their best.

We are calling on Hunger Heroes across the city to help feed and care for the children in their communities.

Accept the mission to strike out hunger and become a real life Hunger Hero by visiting bb4ck.org/hunger-heroes to make a monthly gift. You have the power!

What does a Hunger Hero looks like to you? Create your own Hunger Hero by printing out this colouring sheet. Once designed, share your Hero with us by using #HungerHeroes on social media.

Job Posting: Fund Development Specialist

Does taking meaningful action inspire you? Are you looking for an opportunity to make an impact in the daily life of a child? Are you passionate about creating social change, engaging with and having an impact on your community? Are you looking to advance and take ownership of your Fund Development career in an organization that values people, action and trust? Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK) has an opportunity for a dynamic individual to join our dedicated team!

Who we are: Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK) is a mission-focused grassroots organization, working to build and strengthen communities that ensure every child has enough to eat at school. Our team is small, working together in our areas of strength to ensure we can have broad impact in our community.

Working cohesively with the Director of Operations, the Fund Development Specialist is an integral part of a committed, hardworking and fun team! This individual will work 40 hours per week, with flexibility built in regarding the specific hours (projects, events or meetings may require evening and weekend work, and weekday hours are flexible to be worked as required).

A typical day for you in the role of Fund Development Specialist will include the following key responsibilities:

Taking ownership & leading the development and implementation of a comprehensive, proactive, relationship-based strategy
Managing annual gifts, major gifts, leadership gifts and all other types of fundraising
Leading donor communications strategy
Writing and submitting funding applications and reports
Building & maintaining relationships with financial and in-kind supporters
Planning and implementing three fundraising campaigns annually
Engaging the Executive Director, Director of Operations, other staff, members of the Board and other volunteers’ in building relationships with supporters
Contributing to the maintenance of administrative systems, databases, record and other information that allow the program to flourish

This opportunity might be for you if you:

Have a solid understanding of the fundraising development cycle – planning/implementing fundraising plans, strategies and tactics
Have the ability to build systems and processes to support development
Are creative, solution-focused, resourceful, relational and authentic in building relationships; able to quickly build rapport and connection
Strong strategic thinker – sees challenges as an opportunity
Like to take initiative, be pro-active and make things happen


Extremely passionate about non-profit organizations, and in particular about serving kids and families
Minimum of 6-9 years of experience in a fund development or fundraising role (in a non-profit organization, preferred)
Exceptional oral and written communication skills
Experience in a small environment and wearing many hats is beneficial
Past or current CFRE or involvement with AFP beneficial

BB4CK offers a competitive compensation package along with professional development opportunities for innovation and professional growth.

If you are looking for a purpose driven and compelling place to work, please email your cover letter and resume to jan@bb4ck.org as soon as possible.

This position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. We thank all applicants for their interest in BB4CK, however only those under consideration will be contacted.

Tearin’s Story

“My mom had me when she was young, and my brother came 2 years after. Her and my Dad split up when I was about two and that time was really rough for my mom. She tried her best, but began struggling with substance abuse when I was in grade 3.

Many school days we wouldn’t have sufficient lunches. Some days it would be a bag of crackers and cheese, and other days we didn’t have anything to eat.

It was embarrassing to go to school without lunch, when my mom did pack me lunch sometimes I wouldn’t even want to pull it out of my bag because people would look at me weird. I would wait until recess and scarf it down real quick. I would almost worry about that more than being hungry sometimes. I didn’t really have a lot of friends, I was unhealthily underweight, and I was sick all the time.

The teachers stepped in and without making a big deal of it, they started giving my brother and I lunches. The teachers never made me feel different that I was a Brown Bagging kid. I remember my lunch teacher, Ms. Yang, who looked out for me. We were getting full lunches every day and sometimes she would put extra stuff in my bag for me to take home, like extra lunches or something she had brought for us herself. In grade 4, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I had a big seizure in the school lunchroom and Ms. Yang was the one who found me, she took me to the office, sat with me, and made sure I was ok.

Lunch was one of the things I didn’t have to worry about when I was having seizures in class or coming to school without clean clothes. Lunch was never something I had to think about twice. I didn’t feel different on that one because there were so many other kids that had Brown Bag lunches too. I lived with my Dad after grade six, I was eating more and put on weight, and I wasn’t sick all the time, my lice was gone, I was able to make friends, move forward and my life completely changed. My mom changed for the better too, she’s done so much for herself. Our relationship has improved with work, you need to be able to let go of the past instead of holding onto it. This program is not just helping the kids; it is showing the parents that you can get back up with a little bit of help.

It is really important to show this act of kindness to kids. It’s not just about getting a lunch, it’s showing that there’s a whole community of people out there who are doing this because they care.

The lunches and the Brown Bagging program are not something I grew up thinking about, but now looking back, I think of how much of an impact those acts of kindness had. I can’t say if they changed me for who I am, but I choose to hold on to what those people did for me instead of what the kids were saying. I choose to hold on to the fact that people are out there that care about you. They were getting me lunches and feeding me and making sure I was going to make it ok.

As an adult now, coming out of that, I know there were a lot of people who went out of their way to do nice things for me and I’d like to give that back now.

So many people need help and I can do my part. I want to help people, specifically kids, kids who don’t know how to deal with these things growing up. I’ve been an EMR [Emergency Medical Responder] for a year now and I’m working on gaining more experience, and going for my PCP [Primary Care Paramedic] in January.

It doesn’t matter whatever is going on at home. A kid needs a lunch and that’s it. To all the people giving lunches, you’re doing a great thing, it’s real, it’s even bigger than that for these kids. They are so small and don’t know all that is being done to help them, but they will. It’s important to hold on to that and keep this going because we grow up, we remember, and we’re going to do things to help people too.” – Tearin

Donate now to feed and care for kids like Tearin.

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