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Frequently Asked Questions

School Lunches FAQs

Who qualifies for BB4CK School lunch program?

If your child is a student in K-12 at a Calgary area school and in need of a lunch at school, we’d be happy to make arrangements with you. We are currently providing lunches through over 220 Calgary schools. If your child’s school doesn’t currently have BB4CK lunches available we’ll work with the school to have a lunch available.  

Requesting a lunch at your kids’ school

If you’d like to request a lunch for your child you can do so by: Filling out the BB4CK Family Supports Form, or by emailing Miriam@bb4ck.org  

My kids are learning in school, but there is not lunch program there?

Please contact Miriam at miriam@bb4ck.org  

My children are attending school (in person) what supports can we access?

At this time, BB4CK is providing daily in-school lunches for students in-school.  

Please also know that by completing the BB4CK Family Supports Form we can reach out to you if there are changes to supports available. For example, if there is a provincial closure of schools, we will contact you about what supports we are offering during the school closures. 

My child is too young for school, what supports are there?

At this time, BB4CK is not able to provide supports for Pre-K children. However, there are agencies in our city that do offer these supports. Please see bb4ck.org/resources for more information.  

We’d also invite you to complete the BB4CK Family Supports Form, so we can reach out to you should more supports for Pre-K children become available. This also helps us provide accurate numbers about need to our funders (we never share identifiable information, only numbers such as “1200 pre-k children in Calgary”).  

My family is Halal, can we eat the school lunch?

Not every BB4CK lunch is Halal, however, we are able to make arrangements for a Halal lunch. Please send a note to miriam@bb4ck.org  

My child can't eat the BB4CK lunches provided, what can I do?

Please reach out to Miriam@bb4ck.org and tell us more about your situation. In some cases, we are able to arrange for an allergen-friendly lunch, or meet a specific dietary need. If we are unable to meet your child’s dietary needs, Miriam will provide you with more information about supports available to you.  

Tell me more about BB4CK

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK) is a community-funded charity that works to ensure that all kids in our city have access to enough healthy food each day. This includes prepared food that is provided directly to kids who are attending in-person school, and support to purchase groceries for families whose kids are learning at home this semester. 

How long will your program be around?

We’re not going anywhere! BB4CK turned 30 this year – that’s 30 years of providing food for kids in Calgary. The supports we offer have changed, and will continue to change as we learn more and the world around us changes.  

 The supports we’re offering this year – lunches in schools and grocery gift cards for students who are at home – we expect to have available throughout the 2020/2021 school year. 

Where does all this food and money come from?

BB4CK is a community-funded charity. That means that all of the money we spend comes from people and companies in our city. 

Is there a limit to how many times my family can access BB4CK supports?

No, there is no limit to how many days or times your family can access lunches in schools and grocery gift cards. These supports are available as many times as you need them, within the eligibility criteria of each program. 

You only need to complete the Family Supports Form once.  


School may look different, but the nutritional needs of your kids haven’t changed. Please check out our resources page.


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