“We have some students that do not have much at home so this is sometimes their first meal of the day and greatly supports their mental health”          – A Calgary School Teacher

What’s in your lunch?

Did you know that every school day, over 5,000 kids go to school hungry with
an empty or partially empty lunch box

and every day the need is growing…

Good morning! I am requesting to add another 6 Tuna sandwiches for our school. If there is no tuna, we can have 3 turkey and 3 beef. There is an increase in the students not having lunches, because of the high prices of everything.”– A Calgary School Teacher

Donate one, Give TWO
All donations up to $30,000 will be match by:

Right now, $2.50 provides 2 lunches for kids who go to school hungry

Right now, $2.50 provides 2 lunches for kids who go
to school hungry

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Every lunch BB4CK provides is made and delivered by a volunteer. This support from our incredible community of volunteers means we can keep our costs low. Every $2.5 donated to BB4CK provides 1 lunch to a hungry kid in need.


Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids is a CRA registered charity (charity # 890458417 RR0001); all gifts are tax deductible as allowable by CRA regulations.

“Hungry bellies are distracting and kids who are hungry are not able to concentrate in their learning. Lunches make ALL the difference!!”              A Calgary School Teacher

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