Students in more than 2/3 of Calgary’s schools rely on a lunch from BB4CK. Kids without a lunch miss out on more than a meal. Kids who spend the day hungry can fall behind and chances are, they never really catch up.

$2.50 = 1 LUNCH


Every lunch BB4CK provides is made and delivered by a volunteer. This support from our incredible community of volunteers means we can keep our costs low. Every $2.5 donated to BB4CK provides 1 lunch to a hungry kid in need.


Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids is a CRA registered charity (charity # 890458417 RR0001); all gifts are tax deductible as allowable by CRA regulations.

Now, more than ever, kids in Calgary need your support.

$2.50 = 1 LUNCH

Fill minds and feed futures with Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids!

Your donation helps us support kids’ development, give them consistency, connection and stability, and improve their performance.

When kids are given the food they need, there is no limit to what they can achieve. 
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