We are feeding kids


BB4CK Grab and Go Lunch Program 

With kids heading back to in-school learning on Tuesday, May 25th, we will be pausing the Grab and Go Lunch Program. If you have questions or want additional information on food supports, please reach out to our Family Connector  Miriam at miriam@bb4ck.org


Welcome to our in-community grab and go lunch program. We are happy you found us and we can help and support you and your kids.

With kids being at home learning, the BB4CK community will be operating from different locations around the city. To make sure kids receive the food they need while they are at home learning.

What’s in a Grab and Go lunch:
  – Choice of sandwich
  – Fruit & vegetables
– Snack item

To find our ‘grab and go’ pick up locations, search your area in the map below:


Every day we will be adding more locations to the City of Calgary’s COVID-19 Community Food map below, where we will be collaborating with other agencies around the city.

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